A new look for the Viking football team

Story by Nehemiah Balaoro Photos by Victoria Rowe

Vikings new grey jersey (front)

The Long Beach City College football team has just unveiled the alternate colors for the Viking team uniform that consists of a light grey jersey and a blacked out helmet.

According to Assistant Coach Neo Aoga, the decision was made by the head coach Brett Peabody.

Peabody called in all of the assistant coaches and staff to petition and to show the reasons why he chose it. It was a majority decision and the request for this color was official.

Coach Aoga was asked for his opinion on the new uniform, because he was an alumni of LBCC and for someone who actually went to school here, it’s helpful for the coach to ask their thoughts about the new color.

“There is no specific significance of the color grey, just for the fact that it looks good, I wanted to have this color,” said Peabody.

When asked about the decision Peabody made, the answer was straightforward. “He pretty much chose the color, and it looked good. He’s been wanting these grey uniforms,” said Aoga.

Vikings new grey alternate jersey (back)

“It was for the kids. It’s the style that they want something different,” Aoga added. This color was chosen because of the flash that it brings out as the players go out there on the field.

“We just want to keep the players happy, they get excited picking their uniform combos each week and this new one just adds to the mix,” said Peabody.  

When creating the perfect school uniform, there is still a price tag that for a player is off the charts. Having a reasonable monetary budget for the team is recommended so that all players can be supplied with a uniform they will play in.

“I do not know the exact prices of these jerseys, but it’s up there,” said Aoga. On average, when making a jersey, especially for college sports they cost around $150 per player.

Wide receiver Victor Bates shared his thoughts about the new uniform,“When I go out there with my uniform, my main focus is to give the people a show, because that’s what they came for.”

According to Bates, his mindset is nothing else but to give his best effort to win and carry on the pride of a Viking.

The homecoming game will debut the new light grey jersey and blacked out helmet on Saturday at the Veterans Stadium at 5 p.m. against Bakersfield.