LBCC gets into spirit at homecoming carnival rally

Story by Abel Reyes Photos by Sabrina Picou

Homecoming queen contestant Andrea Rodriguez was promoting herself and handing out fliers at the homecoming carnival on Oct. 17 at the LAC quad.

LBCC hosted a carnival-themed homecoming rally at the quad of LAC on Wednesday.

The carnival rally took place to announce the homecoming king and queen candidates.

The football team also made an appearance to encourage students to attend the homecoming game this Saturday against Bakersfield college.

The rally was filled with tents that were set up for games, music, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones.

LBCC student Krystal Rawlins plays ring toss at the Homecoming carnival on Oct. 17 at the LAC quad.

Student social clubs, specifically Order of Thor, Order of Tong, Ladies of Athena, and P.N.K had their own booth to support their homecoming king and queen candidates.

Nitza Lanuza is running for homecoming queen and is optimistic about running for the first time.

Lanuza participates in school activities and is a representative of the student club, Ladies of Athena.

“I’m very active with volunteering on and off of campus,” said Lanuza. “Awareness for mental health on campus is something that is important for me.”

The ASB Vice President Jaren Leary is running for homecoming king, who took a different route from other candidates.

Leary decided to not put up a tent but to go around and pass out pamphlets himself, with no help from anybody.

“I love LBCC, I’ve been representing LBCC for a long time,” said Leary. “I want to be the best representation of Long Beach City College, so I’m pretty confident in winning homecoming king.”

Teens ‘n’ Twenties club member Nisa Sawadisavi reads tarot cards for a passing by student. “The concept that potentially some kind of cards or any kind of reading could help figure out your life or give you insight cause it’s not really to predict your future it’s more to guide you into the path to try to tell you this is what you’re doing wrong be careful or to tell you keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re doing it right,” said Sawadisavi.

Another homecoming queen candidate, Andrea Rodriguez is a representative of P.N.K. productions and is enthusiastic about running for the first time.

“I’ve been here since 2014 and I feel great about running now, it’s an overall better experience,” Rodriguez said.

Football player Che Gueye shared his thoughts about the homecoming game on Saturday.

“We’ve never practiced like this before, we’re going into this game strong, no matter our record. These teammates are the best teammates I can ask for,” Gueye said.

The homecoming game will be held on Saturday at 5 p.m.