LBCC students donate blood to the American Red Cross

Story by Nehemiah Balaoro and photos by Brandon Silva

Donors wait patiently on tables as they wait for American Red Cross workers to draw blood for people who need it the most. Photo by Brandon Silva

The American Red Cross paid a visit to LAC in the ASB building to allow students the opportunity to donate blood.

There was a positive response through the generous donation the students gave for those who have been affected by the catastrophes in the United States.

There have been events such as the hurricane in the east coast that has taken much of the citizen’s homes, cars, property, and even lives.

Through this, the call for blood was imperative and the call has been answered.

The students provided the supply of blood in order to save a life and also get a free pizookie as a recovery refreshment .

LBCC student Annika Henry said, “I know that this will possibly help someone in the future, so that thought alone is my primary motivating factor.”

The fact that another person can be helped is what motivates Henry to give up something that is important to people in need, so that a life can be saved.

LBCC student Jayleen Lopez gave some insight on why she donated blood.

“I can save lives with the blood I have given,” Lopez said. “People who are in need by just giving simple blood I know it would help them out.”

Blood donor Kevin Ornelas, is confident that the volunteers of the non-profit organization is handling him will take good care of his blood.

“I get a free Pizookie dude,” he said, “I know my blood will be used for specific reasons.”

Throughout the day, the American Red Cross awaits for students so that they can receive blood to help those who are in need of it.