Vikings lost in the last minutes of the game 1-0 against Mt. San Antonio

Story by Luis Ramirez and Photo by Iman Palm

Vikings forward Jessica Ochoa and Vikings defenders dribble the ball away from Mounties forward Alyssa Gomez as she gives chase.

At the last minutes of the game, unassisted forward Alyssa Gomez from Mt. San Antonio College scored a goal, defeating host Long Beach City College Vikings with a score of 1-0 on Tuesday.

Though the Vikings were strong on offense, they were vulnerable during the last few minutes of the game, resulting in their loss.

Vikings’ freshman forward Britanny Caudillo remained persistent throughout the game as she managed three shots and blew out the Mounties’ defense in every opportunity she had.

Vikings’ goalkeeper was able to save two out of three attempted shots from the Mounties, making Mounties’ record become 7-8, while Vikings become 6-7-1.

Both teams’ defense stayed firm throughout the game. Vikings’ sophomore defender Sophia Corrales felt proud of her defensive collaboration.

“We did a really good job, defensively. I did a good job. Offensively, we didn’t really take the chances that we should’ve had at the other’s team area” said Corrales

Players were seen under pressure, Hannah Brady from Mt. San Antonio College received two yellow cards at the first and second halves of the game. The Vikings had no penalties.

Despite losing, Vikings’ head coach Eduardo Nunes is confident about his team and hopes for a result that could benefit them at the next game.

“Though we’re hurt, we were really good. We always stayed in the area, we had good chances, so now we just got to reward ourselves with a goal,” said Nunes.

Just as her coach, Vikings’ forward Allison Casillas stayed positive and confident for their next game.

“We outplayed them, the whole game. We need more goals next game, we just need to get more physical, get to the ball. We’re coming together and we’re staying positive,” said Casillas.

The Vikings played, and won, their next two games against both Norco and El Camino and will play at Chaffey on Tuesday at 2 p.m.