Demonstrators protest against a conservative event held at CSULB

Story by Anna Karkalik and Sydney Fredericks-Selby Photos by Brandon Silva and Anna Karkalik

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens with Turning Point U.S.A. host Campus Clash at Cal State Long Beach. Photo by Anna Karkalik

No arrests or injuries were reported after protesters gathered outside against an event held by the conservative group Turning Point U.S.A. at Cal State Long Beach on Tuesday.

The protesters are known as the anti-fascist group Antifa, and were mainly dressed in black with bandannas covering their mouths.

“Here on campus there’s been a lot of chatter on both sides, different groups opposing Turning Points and posting on social media that they are going to show up,” said CSULB Public Relations Director Jeff Bliss.

The group held up signs outside the event and chanted, “No KKK. No fascist. No Trump,” while declining to comment to the press.

“Campus Clash” was hosted by the founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk and accompanied by Candace Owens, who is known for her strong support of President Trump and her criticism of Black Lives Matter as a black woman.

Turning Point U.S.A. founder Charlie Kirk takes the microphone and gives a explains briefly what his organization is, and how they have helped the Republican party. Photo by Brandon Silva

The event filled the venue that holds up to about 230 seats with a line of people who wanted to attend waiting outside due to capacity reached.

Attendees at Campus Clash filled the venue in the Student Center on Tuesday at Cal State Long Beach. Photo by Anna Karkalik

President of Turning Point U.S.A. LBCC chapter Daniel McCullough shared the same frustration in response to the protesters as other Campus Clash attendees.  

“They have every right to protest but it’s a little annoying if they’re trying to just disrupt the whole thing,” said McCullough. “The whole point of Campus Clash was to extent a Q&A and that includes debating so I think they should have come in instead of planning to go and sabotage the event.”

Turning Point USA promotes the notion of limited government and free markets through its college campus visits nationwide.

McCullough shares that members of the LBCC chapter have not seen much dispute against them.

“On this campus we haven’t really run into too many problems, except occasionally getting yelled at by one extremist,” said McCullough. “We even participate in debates when it comes to tabling, a lot of people are respectful even if they don’t agree with us it’s only at places like Cal State Long Beach where tabling at places with a lot of young college students is where we have issues.”

The Turning Point U.S.A. LBCC chapter of about 30 members meets Thursdays at noon in the main Quad for those interested in joining.

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