Unofficial student organization continues its club rituals

Story and Photos by Donavin Morris

Club member Tyree Kelly shares a Bible verse with students in the quad.

Despite that the members of the International Christians Church Club missed the fall deadline for an approval of an official adviser for the organization, they still choose to continue their club rituals.

Students who are part of the unofficial club gathers Monday through Thursday at the LAC quad at noon. During the weekends, students meet at the City of Angels International Christian Church in Long Beach.

Although the group missed the club registration deadline, it does not stop them from being passionate about coming together and spreading their knowledge about the bible.

They are currently fundraising to send missionaries to Atlanta and are expecting to complete it by next year.

Campus leader and Cal State Long Beach alumni Levi Pettigrew do not currently attend LBCC, yet Pettigrew takes the time out of his day to convene bible study at the college.

“I treat it like a full-time job,” Pettigrew said. “I want everybody to come to the knowledge of the truth to be saved.”

Pettigrew mentioned that he wants to get criticized by those who are against them, he used Bible verse Timothy 2 3:12.

Club participant Soloman Hardie is not a student at LBCC, however, he is willing to spread his knowledge of the Bible at the college four days out of the week.

“The Bible is everything,” Soloman said. “It’s not optional it’s necessary, it’s a privilege to have it. It’s (the bible) is where I turn to for my answer, it’s part of my identity.”

Levi Pettigrew explains a bible passage to an LBCC student.

Biology major Majorie Ibasco, joined the group in her second year at LBCC. “I wanted to be saved, to be part of the light, I wanted my relationship with God grows stronger,” Ibasco said.

Ibasco grew up in a Catholic household, with a mother who has fully supported on her religious views.

The group plans to continue gathering for the rest of the semester until they sign a club registration form for next semester.