Bookstore hosts College Con

Story by Josh Avendano / @josh_avendano

The love for comics brings people together. It allows people to debate about various comics and gush about their love for the many different characters.
Barnes and Noble Bookstore sponsored its first LBCC College Con on Tuesday, Oct. 31, where students gathered and shared their love of comics and anime.
Oscar Raigoza, 24, a nursing major, attended the event after coming into the store to buy some supplies.
Raigoza said, “I haven’t heard about this and I love this stuff. It’s fun to meet other people who have similar interest in comics.”
The event was to celebrate the joys of graphic novels, manga and everything heroic. For the day, activities included coloring, a photo booth, games, trivia and giveaways.
Dana Heathcott, general manager of the student stores at both the LAC and PCC created the event as a way to bring students together.
Heathcott said, “We want to celebrate all things comic related and give students a chance to see the comic side of things.”
For their love for comics, students planned ahead for College Con.
Jose Nava, 22, an art major, said, “I just wanted to take a quick look and I ended up staying for a majority of the time and playing trivia and doing some coloring.”
Best friends Christina Alejo, 26, a culinary arts major, and Virginia Granados, 26, an administrative assistant major attended College Con as their mutual love for comics brought them closer.
Granados said, “We actually planned to come together because of our mutual love for magnas. They were always an interest of mine.”
Alejo added, “I wanted to come with Virginia. I also like coloring and magnas. That’s why we became friends.”
College Con was a success for the student store as students filtered throughout the day playing games and doing trivia as well as getting to know one another to share their mutual love of comics and mangas.