Two LBCC students land an internship at Nike

Story and Photo by Andrea Estrada

Patrick Rivera an LBCC student studying fashion design is the recipient of one of the Nike apprenticeships in Portland.

Two LBCC students from the fashion department won a Nike apprenticeship and internship at the Nike headquarters in Portland that will start Jan. 1.

There were three designers and three recruiters from Nike that came on Flex Day this semester that talked to students about what was needed in their portfolio, according to the Fashion Program Director, Pamela Knights.

After the portfolio’s were sent, the students were invited to a Nike Diversity and Design combine on Nov. 16 to see if they would fit in the company, according to Knights.

The students who got the apprenticeship will earn six month paid working positions at Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

One of the winners of the Nike apprenticeship, Patrick Rivera, is a fashion design major and wants to become a custom designer.

“I think it is going to be interesting working for an international company, like I haven’t done that yet. I haven’t worked with a super big company, so I think it’s experience of how they operate, design things, from conceptualization up until it gets to the store,” Rivera said.

La’ trice White, an LBCC alumni was offered a 12 week internship for Pensole Footwear Design Academy.

Nike has a partnership with Pensole Footwear Design Academy which is located in Portland, Oregon.

“It was the best experience I ever had. It was a great opportunity for networking, it is a once in a lifetime experience because they gave good advice,” White said.

Students were offered to choose full-time working positions in three teams which are apparel, footwear, and graphic design.

Nike offered 16 positions for the apprenticeship but might offer additional positions in the future, according to Becky Annella.

“It’s almost like a semester off or studying abroad kind of thing. You can look at it like that because it is still in the field,” Annella said.

Nike will also pay for all living expenses and transportation for the students and alumni to work at their headquarters.