Eight Vikings earn highest college award

Story by Maila Bringas / @itsmsbee 

Eight Students have been named the best of the best at LBCC and earned the Viking Award on Monday, Dec. 4.The college is honoring the students as the highest honor a student can receive at the college.
Khristina Mae Aganon, Karlie M. Beamon-Ware, Kimberly Helen Cabana, Darlene Duong, Anny Ley, Felicia R. McCormick, Vanessa Mendoza, and Clara Ure were selected and are true role models for others in leadership and service for the community.
Student Affairs Dean Ramon Knox gave the awards to the students for their work and contribution to the college:
“When you look at what the hard work of the students did, I think it’s important for them to be recognized.” Knox said during a brief ceremony in the LAC Valhalla Room. “It’s a huge celebratory moment for the students to recognize what they did.”
PCC Student Council Treasurer Ley said she is glad the work she contributed to the college is being recognized.
“I don’t know how to feel,” Ley said. “To be recognized for my hard work for the school and the community, it’s honoring.”
Along with the honorees were more student leaders and employees attended, including LAC Club Senate Vice President Celene Reyes Aparicio, PCC Cultural Affairs secretary Anthony Moguel Jr. and librarian Shamika Simpson.