EDITORIAL : Wrapping up presents & finals


Art by Liliana Piedra
Art by Liliana Piedra

With students juggling between the holidays that began with Thanksgiving and runs through New Year’s and finals at the end of the Fall semester, it becomes difficult for them to stay stress-free and positive. Trying to manage our time can be one of the biggest challenges for students across the PCC and LAC campuses.

This time can be more stressful because everyone is wrapping up the end of the year with finals, transfer applications, buying gifts and dealing with distant relatives who we are not used to seeing throughout the year. Many of us have to deal with the family drama year after year. We do not look forward to the gatherings that adds to the pile of stress.

On top of family and school worries, this time of year might be particularly more stressful for students because of the tragedies that have occurred during this year. And the concern for students now becomes how are we going to stay upbeat and positive with so many reasons for us to feel down.

The unity our community has, the leaders who encourage us to stand up and face our problems head on with little to no fear is what keeps our sanity during stressful times.

Physical and emotional health is important, but we just feel like sometimes we only have time for a slice of pizza and Gatorade as we head from class to work. A big key to help relieve stress and lift our moods is exercise.

We understand emotional problems are part of life and they can cause stress, sadness and anxiety. But the key is to remain focused, flexible and creative in bad times as well as in good times.

Using breathing techniques can also be a huge help.

Enjoying a fresh nature walk, playing video games, going out with friends, watching our favorite movie or TV shows while drinking hot cocoa in our pajamas, spending time on our favorite social media apps or on our phones are all great ways that allow us to feel less stressed and even relaxed at times.

As the new year approaches, we are looking forward to our new experiences and goals to achieve in 2018.