Ribbon ceremony for the new Welcome Center

Story by Nehemiah Balaoro

LBCC celebrated the opening of the Welcome Center at LAC. The head of the organization, DeWayne Sheaffer, cut the ribbon to open the Welcome Center that was located in front of the campus on Thursday, Sept. 6.


Sheaffer’s role in the organization is to keep the Welcome Center working and keeping it staffed as much as possible. He is responsible to oversee so that everything is in order and nothing is hindering it from growing.


Sheaffer states that, “New and returning students must have an understanding of how to enroll, navigate and understand the college life.” Sheaffer emphasizes the role of the welcome center which is to assist those students who has difficulty of what to exactly do in the college grounds.


The Welcome Center is not only staffed with those who have been working at LBCC, but even the students are getting in the action through CalWorks.  


In speaking with the College Director of Community Resources, Marcia Parker also shared her own point of view of how students should be welcomed in college.


Parker shares it by saying, “Anytime a new student enters college, they need to have a welcoming to where they will be able to navigate and get to know the school. They also may need to know how to join student organizations.”


The staffer’s generalization of the school wants to genuinely care for the student’s well-being and assisting them in all things so that they can have the best experience in college. This is the mission of the welcome center.


Vice President of the Welcome Center Dr. Mike Muñoz was there to present. He gave some insight on how the Welcome Center impact the lives of the students.


When asked about this, he responded, “When the student arrives, he or she does not know the steps of college. The center is here to break down these steps so the student can become a true viking.”


He then goes on with explaining the necessities of how a student should be properly “welcomed”.

“You have to stay connected with the student and always come up to them with a smile. They must know the ‘hidden rules’ and questions must be answered.” He quotes, “No question is a dumb question” can be seen as an encouragement for students to open up with their problems that they face in life and school.


With the Welcome Center opened, students new and returning have all the reason to go. The school is there for you. If counseling is needed, Dr. Muñoz is located in T-2046 for any questions about school or general questions. Long Beach City College is a school where we want all to succeed. Take the chance, and visit the Welcome Center.