Opinion: Confused students need a campus tour

Story by Malik Reeves Editorial cartoon by Donavin Morris

LBCC needs to familiarize their first year students with both LAC and PCC to make the transition easier from high school to a city college.

The college  has a mandatory online orientation for first year students applying to LBCC in which they also take an assessment test and a planned workshop where they meet with a counselor and plan their academic schedule.

What LBCC lacks is an attempt to get the students familiar with the campuses and how to locate the various resources that can make their college experience less intimidating..

All across America various universities require a first year student to attend a mandatory orientation.

During this orientation the students get a detailed tour of the campus that shows the students  where all the departments are at, however, for a community college this idea of an orientation might be a bit different.

A lot of first year college students might be overwhelmed with the idea that they’re attending college for the first time and might be intimidated on the first day of school with trying to find their classes.

LBCC has an enrollment of approximately 26,000 students with most of them being at LAC. The first few weeks of school are always a hassle with so many students on campus at the same time.

I’ve had a few classes at PCC my last couple semesters and I’m still not sure where everything is located.

Former newspaper advisor Pat Mckean scheduled a tour of PCC  for the intro to reporting class.

While I was there I found out that PCC had a game center with various video games and a horticulture garden and program..

Some first year students might know the basics including where the counseling building is, where the financial aid office is, and where the cafeteria is located, however, the numerous services the college provides needs to come to the forefront.

When I started my first year at LBCC I was confused at where the buildings were at and only knew the main buildings that were labeled.

There should be an orientation where students are able  to pay for a parking permit and take care of any other fees, as well as get their id picture taken, and maybe ask some questions to any alumni students of the school who may be volunteering for the orientation.

The school should provide a mandatory campus tour for both LAC and PCC during orientation.

If you were to want a tour of the school beforehand you can contact Sean Cully via email s2cully@lbcc.edu

Giving the students a detailed tour of the campus can help them assimilate to campus culture and experience.