Fashion Network club provides career opportunities for fashion design majors

Vryce Robinson is member of the fashion network club and a fashion design major volunteering at the Fashion Network Club's Pop-up shop at the Homecoming Rally. She transferred to LBCC this year from College of Alameda. Robinson hopes to have her own fashion brand in the future.

The Fashion Network Club is an organization for fashion design majors to have an awareness of the upcoming events and opportunities that are coming up in their industry.

President Becky Annella, who was also elected the last term, won first place in senior collection in the thirty-eighth LBCC Fashion Show.

“It benefits students by getting them involved in the fashion program and letting them see what is going on and so they don’t miss trips and opportunities that we are doing,” Annella said.

Kimberly Triche-Harris is the official secretary of the club and is responsible for sending emails and updating students on current news in the fashion department.

“It’s an opportunity to network and get inspirations from other members,” Triche-Harris said. “It’s really nice to talk to people and to know what is going on in the fashion world.”

The Fashion Network Club is also responsible for the biennial fashion show at LBCC. “When there is a fashion show, my role is really important,” Annella said. “I was president and treasurer, I was in charge of the money and making sure we had everything paid for and coordinated and make sure everyone is doing the job they needed to do in the fashion show.”

There is a variety of events coming up in the fashion department including trips to New York City, Las Vegas, and various scholarships and internships workshops.

A recurring topic in the meetings is the New York City trip that will take place in spring break 2018, which includes 16 students and two chaperones. The students will have the opportunity to visit and tour many fashion-related companies.

Last year, students had a chance to visit the Tommy Hilfiger Flagship, Nili Lotan, and Banana Republic.

Vice President and fashion design major Cindy Monge has attended the field trip last year and shared her thoughts on how the trip was beneficial to her studies in fashion.

“Before I went to the trip, I already took a lot of classes here and so here it’s you’re learning the information, but when you to New York I actually had everything I was learning confirmed,” Monge said.

They also discussed the possibility of a trip to the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas on Aug. 2019. The trip will be held for three days and two nights for 20 students with one instructor, which was made available for them because of a grant.

There is going to be a Cal Poly Pomona field trip on Friday that will be open for any fashion department student who wants to visit the fashion program at Cal Poly Pomona.