LBCC hosts immigrant rights workshop at LAC

Story and photo by Skyler Smith

LBCC students and faculty attend the workshop prenseted by LBCC alumni Jonathan Solorzano

The Long Beach Immigration Rights Coalition (LBIRC) hosted the Know Your Rights workshop for students and faculty at the Liberal Arts Transfer Center on Oct. 16.

The Know Your Rights workshop is a part of the Undocumented Student Week of Action which is open to all students.

Jonathan Solorzano, a member of LBIRC and also LBCC alumni, presented the workshop for the students.

Solorzano got involved because he enjoys informing and helping others within the community. He can also relate to the workshop based on his personal experiences.

“My dad was deported and my mom was undocumented for a long time. So I’ve seen family separation myself while having the privilege of being born here. It’s something I’m very passionate about,” said Solorzano.

LBIRC is a non profit organization whose goal is to help educate people within the community and unite people together.

They go to various schools and other places to spread awareness for immigrants within the country.

Students learned information on how to interact with members of the police and ICE, and what documents to have and look for on such occasions.

Solorzano informed the students to express a calm demeanor and be respectful.

He also explained the Red Card.

The Red Card is a document printed in English and Spanish detailing an immigrants constitutional right to refuse to speak to someone under the 5th Amendment and the right to refuse someone to unlawfully search or seize their home under the 4th Amendment.

LBCC student Evelio Gandara praised the presentation. “They had some useful information. I wish they taught me this in high school,” said Gandara.

LBCC counselor Jose Gutierrez is interested in having more workshops. “Right now this is the only one we have planned. Our plan for the future is to have at least once a month to raise awareness,” said Gutierrez.

Students can call LBIRC at (562)-204-6333 for more information and they can also contact the LBCC counselor Jose Gutierrez through his email at