The Vikings confidence drives them to a 3-0 win against Pasadena

Story and Photos by Abel Reyes

Vikings forward Brittany Caudillo celebrates with teammates after goal.

Forward Brittany Caudillo scored two goals in the first and second half of the game to secure the win for Long Beach City College to defeat visitor Pasadena City College 3-0.

Vikings forward Brittany Caudillo fights off Lancers Forward Erica Perez for the ball.

The Vikings increased their record to 6-4-1, while the Lancers become 0-7-3, as they still have not won a game this season.

Vikings Head Coach Eduardo Nunes went into the game with a positive attitude.

“We feel good coming off our win from West L.A., we had to be focused from Cerritos College beating us up,”said Nunes.

Both teams began with a slow start, however after forward Allison Casillas scored the first goal, the Vikings were in control of the ball.

Two yellow cards were called for the Vikings forward Caudillo and on midfielder Suhei Castillo.

No severe injuries happened during the game, other than a head-butt between Vikings defender Alyssa Pyle and Lancers midfielder Yulissa Macias.

A lack of communication was the downfall for Pasadena City College as they could not get control of the ball.

The Vikings had many scoring opportunities but could not finish on most.

“We’re going to focus on finishing more for the next game and work on definitely corner kicks,” Casillas said.

The Vikings goalkeeper did not have to block many goals, having only five saves against Pasadena City College.

Nunes was confident with meeting Pasadena City College again, as last season’s game resulted in a 1-1 tie against the Lancers.

Freshman defender Madilyn Engel was confident before and after the game.

“I felt good, I wasn’t worried, I had confidence in my team,” said Engel.

LBCC prepares to host East Los Angeles college for their 13th game of the season today at 2 p.m. at LBCC.