Academic Success Center helps students stay on track on their academics

Story and Photo by Luis Ramirez

Academic Success coordinator Debra Peterson, ground supervisor Chris Baker, center, Jaren Leary, left, at PCC for the race track designed for the Academic Success Event.

PCC transformed its quad into a race track for the Academic Success Event, in which students had the opportunity to get advice from counselors on Oct. 9.

The event was innovative, with the quad transformed into a race track, with signals and other various props to represent students’ track on academics.

Three booths were arranged, one at the start of the track, at the middle and one at the end, all with counselors and academic advisers to assist students.

“We will help all students who come to our booths, we will guide them through every single step, because we are here to help,” said counselor Tami Hom.

Debra Peterson, counselor and coordinator of  the Academic Success Center, was the head of this event along with ASB staff.

“We (the organizing team) are very satisfied about what we’ve done today. It is so creative and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a lot students coming here to make sure they’re on track with their studies,” said Peterson.

The PCC quad transformed into a race track as a metaphor for students’ academic track, organized with booths with academic advisers for the Academic Success Event on Oct. 9.

Peterson shared how the team made sure their event was as creative as possible, even bringing a luxurious BMW sports car to attract students’ attention.

ASB and Academic Success Center came up with the idea of putting a scooter at the start of the race track, a bicycle at the middle and the luxurious automobile at the end to represent students’ goals and what they can achieve.

For instance, former LBCC student Jerome Jackson, owner of the sports car at the event, was invited to demonstrate to students how to be successful in their academics.

“I was at this college back in the 80’s. I’ve been to El Camino College, but LBCC made me accomplish my dreams, dreams I’m still making true,” said Jackson.

Former LBCC student Jaren Leary, who is now vice-president of ASB, was part of the organizing team.

“LBCC gives you a lot of opportunities of advancements, you won’t get stuck in your classes, LBCC is there for you,” said Leary.

Leary also shared how proud he feels to be a LBCC graduate, resulting in him getting a work position at school’s student association.

Irenne Hernandez, undecided major, attended the event in seek of advice for her academics.

“I got help deciding my major in this very fun event. It is really cool how you experience college advising here and it is so helpful,” said Hernandez.

The event was a major success, according to Academic Success Center, they have “managed to help out all kinds of students and making sure they’re on track with their classes and that they will stay that way.”