Vikings suffer a 4-1 loss against the East Los Angeles huskies

Story and Photos by Abel Reyes

Vikings forward Brittany Caudillo runs past defender to regain control of the ball.

Long Beach City College forward Quinn Trowbridge scored one goal in the first half against East Los Angeles on Tuesday, as the Vikings were defeated 4-1.

The Vikings decrease their record to 6-5-1, while the Huskies become 4-5-3.

Vikings Head Coach Eduardo Nunes went into the game feeling good after last game, but is worried about three of his starters that will be out due to illnesses and one out with a concussion.

“We hope on finishing more today because that’s what we needed to work on coming off last game, but it’s going to be tough without 4 of our starters,” said Nunes.

However, with 15 attempted shots and one being a goal, the Vikings struggled heavily in finishing throughout the game.

Vikings forward Quinn Trowbridge knees in goal against East L.A.


Vikings forward Quinn Trowbridge had seven attempted shots, as the ball was constantly going towards her.

No injuries happened during the game and no fouls were called for either team.

Vikings forward Brittany Caudillo, who was the top scorer last game, didn’t have any opportunities, having no attempted shots.

Vikings goalkeeper struggled having only one save out of  five attempted shots from East L.A.

Vikings forwards Allison Casillas who scored last game, was also having difficulty during the game.

Long Beach City College forward Harmony Ntuk passes East L.A. defender.

“We needed to focus more, my teammates and I still need to work on finishing more,” said Casillas.

Vikings defender Madilyn Engel said that she wants to work harder for upcoming game.

“I need to do my job better for my whole team, I need to train harder,” said Engel.

The Vikings prepare to play at Rio Hondo tomorrow at 4 p.m.