LBCC host its first Wellness Fest at LAC

Story by Malik Reeves Photos by Donavin Morris

Wellness Fest included a booth that informed students on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

LBCC hosted its first annual Wellness Fest which displayed awareness for a healthy lifestyle and mental health awareness.

Director of student health Deborah Miller-Calvert was in charge of setting up the whole event. Calvert helped set up free yoga session for the students and provided free sandwiches.

“We asked our providers to come and do demonstrations for us and asked clubs to get involved anyone that to had anything to do with sharing wellness,” Miller-Calvert said.

The CSULB nursing program were one of the providers participating in this fest; promoting their flu shot clinic along with free vaccinations that will be held at LAC on Oct. 23.

Nursing program student Ruth Kim encouraged LBCC students to come and bring friends to get their free flu vaccinations.

“We’ll be providing free flu shots and vaccinations and hope that the students bring their friends or family members to get their shots. It’s very important with the seasons changing and it’s free so that’s always a good thing,” Kim said.

Health services technician Monica De Anda was involved in the fest with providing students with free condoms and giving them information on STDs and all the services the school provides with the student’s health fee.

“Some students come in and find out that they’ve been nearly diagnosed and want to know how they can prevent spreading their STI,” De Anda said.

De Anda also explained how student-help services guide females who have had unprotected sex and might suspect that they are pregnant.

“So if a student comes in and has had unprotected sex and they want to get Plan B and we can give them a prescription and they can get a discount at the pharmacy or use their medical,”said De Anda.

Students practice yoga at the Wellness fest in the quad.

Business major Jazmyne Dumas was one of the participants in the free yoga session and explained how the event was educative to students.

“This fest was very informative, I got a lot of good insight on mental health awareness and how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and also where the health services building is at and all the service they provide,” Dumas said.

Calvert believed that the first wellness fest was a success and hopes to continue hosting more events.

“This is our first time doing this as wellness fest, I feel successful right now so if it continues and everyone likes it we’ll bring it back,”Calvert said.

There will also be a Wellness Fest held at PCC today at 10 a.m. untill 3 p.m.