English majors and minors club plan to publish a literary novel

Story and Photo by Luis Ramirez

Faculty adviser Jason Casem and members of the English majors and minors discuss about possible events the club can organize.

Members of the English majors and minors club gather at their weekly meeting to have coffee and tea while they plan ideas on publishing a literary novel that complies literary pieces by students.

Besides discussing reading and writing topics, the club organizes monthly poetry open mics, along with publishing “Saga Literary Journal,” a book that compiles literary pieces from LBCC students.

Not all members are English majors, the club invites everyone who is interested in the English subject to be part of their group meetings every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m.

Qory Moscoso comes every Thursday for the meetings with her friends as she said the club helps her improve her English as well as engaging with other students.

“This club is so good and productive. I’m a biology major actually, and I think I need improvement in my English and this club is perfect,” Moscoso said. “I also love connecting with people and joining this club with my friends feels about right.”

Vice president of the club Diego Vega shared how the student club changed his view about the subject of English.

“My friend Adam introduced me to the club and thought ‘I kind of like this,’ and that’s when I decided English was going to be my major,” said Vega.

Faculty adviser Jason Casem is responsible for the student club and attends every meeting. Casem also brings in food and drinks for lunch to make the meetings more joyful.

“This club is unique because we actually do service for the college. We manage the open mics and many other events, we also have the creative writing book with an actual ISBN, in which students can submit their literary pieces and have an opportunity to get published,” said Casem.

Casem also said how the English club has a lot of support from the English department to even getting spaces at major state events.

The English club meets Thursdays in room 206 of the M building.