Los Angeles Food Bank helps low income students

Story and photos by Arlene Guerrero

Student and mother, Alysia Covarrubias interested and asking about the Cal Fresh Program at Long Beach City College on Oct. 25th 2018.

The Los Angeles Food Bank held another Calfresh Sign-Up in the quad by building E on Oct. 25, to help provide for low-income students by putting healthy food on their table.

The food bank had previously held sign-ups in early October for students and received 20 signups at both LAC and PCC, with the goal being to reach 75 for the month.

Calfresh specialist Mari Herrera, who reviews applications and collects students’ additional documentation, helped out during sign ups.

“We’re here for the students and those in need, it can add up real quick buying groceries and providing a healthy meal while being a student or having kids, some are in both situations,” Herrera said.

Calfresh Program Specialist Cinthia Onoa, who has been with the program for nine years, hosted the sign-ups in hopes to get more students open and familiar with the program.

“I don’t think people accept the help and there’s many students here who can qualify,” Onoa said. “We’re here to helps students fight hunger and give them hope.”

EBT cards are given to qualified students and receives a deposit check monthly for groceries. Depending on their household income, the student can get about $200 a month.

Students who wish to qualify must be at least enrolled as a half time, meet an income limit, be working 20 hours a week, has a child under the age of 12, or receives any sort of work study.

Having a total of about 20 students signing up for Calfresh, the program hopes to raise more awareness to the program and have more students accept the help they are willing to give.

Sign-ups can also be completed online and in-person, whichever is best for the student.

The Calfresh food stamps not only help students with their personal hunger, it’s also meant as extra help with students who have children that need the financial assistance.

Student and mother Alysia Covarrubias fills out her application for the Cal Fresh Program at Long Beach City College on Oct. 25th 2018.

Full-time student and mother of three Alysia Covarrubias hopes to receive the help while continuing her education.

“I’m a returning student and the help the program gives helps my kids and I a lot because it can get hard to pay for groceries to support my three kids,” said Covarrubias.

Applications are always accepted at 2959 E. Victoria St. Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 and walk-in appointments are available.