Viking Award awarded to five students at LBCC

Story by Arlene Guerrero and Photos by Iman Palm

Wayne Burgman, LBCC Veterans Affairs representative, receives his award.

Long Beach City College acknowledged and awarded five students in receiving the highest award labeled the “Viking Award” and celebrated with drinks, food, and cake in the Valhalla room in building E on Nov 29.

The Viking Awards have been given for the past 20 years and this year, about six to ten students were awarded throughout the fall and spring semesters.

2018 LBCC Viking of the Year award recipients.

Students usually receive prior awards to receiving the Viking Award such as Crystal Award, Student Life Award, and soon leading up to the Viking Award.

If a student does not receive a prior award, it is unlikely to receive the Viking Award.

Outgoing Dean of Student Affairs Roman Knox, hosted the event ceremony along with ASB members. Knox surprised five students with the VIking Award that they were not expecting.

“They are students who put in a lot of effort in their studies and on top of that they are engaging with the community, and being social. That’s what this is all about,” said Knox. “These students deserve to be acknowledged.”

An announcement was given for students, staff, and faculty to vote who they want to see in receiving the award. Students can also nominate themselves.

Student Lara Meintgs has been at LBCC since 2013. Meintgs was surprised that she would be recognized with the Viking award.

“I thank LBCC for giving me a time on how to use my voice, and my work for the past five years has finally paid off,” said Meintgs. “This is a very memorable moment for me.”

Student, Jaren Leary will use this award to benefit his career as he wants to come back and be a professor at LBCC.

“This award will look amazing on resumes and it makes me proud to be a viking and want to come back at teach here,”  said Leary.

In the spring semester, more students will be acknowledged for their talents at LBCC as they are honored during the fall as well as spring semesters every year.