LBCC to kick off semester with Join-A-Club Day

by Abel Reyes

Join-A-Club Day will take place at PCC on Feb. 13 and Feb. 21 at LAC.

LBCC will hold its annual Join-A-Club Day this semester on Feb. 13 and Feb. 21 as an opportunity for students to enjoy a free lunch and to meet with over 60 clubs and organizations.

Many different options are available for students depending on their preference to whether the club focuses on culture, entertainment, or even religion.

Clubs such as The Order of Thor and The Order of Tong have been around since LBCC has opened in 1927, but newer clubs will have the opportunity to recruit and grow their roster.

Jan Paolo Canteras is the President of ASB, and is relying on the smaller clubs to be more welcoming to students, “This year we have lower fundings, so the smaller clubs have to be out there a bit more on being able to recruit,” Canteras said.

One of the reasons for lower funding, is due to the fact that previous veteran members of the clubs use to support ASB, but have since moved on.

Last year a majority of clubs had music, food, or something to giveaway, but since the changes clubs have to be more creative.

These changes on findings have also affective older clubs, Carlos Corriea is a member of The Order of Tong and is working with his club to come up with new ideas, “We want new members to learn leadership skills, things that people can reuse in the future, last time we had a giveaway of school supplies, which helped us but it people started coming less in the long term,” Corriea said.

Older clubs, such as The Order of Tong, focus on helping the community and leadership, but newer clubs, such as The Math and Science club, focus on supporting students with scholarships and networking for academic and professional opportunities.

This semester The Math and Science club received a $10,000 grant and will be using it to take members on a trip to Silicon Valley with all expenses covered.

However most new students join clubs to meet new people, Alfredo Cabrera joined The Order of Tong this semester for the sole purpose of making friends.

“The Order of Tong was welcoming and starting to help in the community is exciting but I met so much people,” Cabrera said.

Similarly, The International Student service is more to help international students from LBCC with financial aid and other school necessities, but most international students also use the lounge as an opportunity to meet new people.

Jordy Vervuurt is an international student from the Netherlands and has been more involved with the school because of the service, “You just get used to participating with other people here at the lounge and it’s always fun,” Vervuurt said.

Students don’t have to worry if they don’t find a club that fits their interest because they also have the option to create their own club, to see the requirements check the LBCC club registration guide.

LBCC will start Join-A-Club Day on Feb.13 at the PCC EE Quad at 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and again at the LAC E Quad on Feb. 21  at 10 a.m.-2 p.m.