Love is going to begin LBCC on a good note

By Cassandra Reichelt

Graphic by Cassandra Reichelt

LBCC will hold its first ever Viking’s Valentine day where there will be arts and crafts as well as a photo booth for students to participate in, the event will be held on Feb. 14 at 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

At the Nordic Lounge students will be able to decorate their own valentine for the selfie wall.

ASB wants to take the initiative to get more students especially newcomers involved with campus life.

Ryan Docuyanan is a new student to LBCC, and is not aware of the events that happens on the campus, “I am interested in going to this event, but I’m not sure that I will go,” Docuyanan said.

This is the first time that such an event like Viking’s Valentine is happening at LBCC.

Devin Warren attends LBCC, and isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day as an event at school, “I have a conflict in my schedule, but I would attend if it fits my interest,” Warren said.

Clubs such as the English Majors and Minors club are interested on what goes on at the campus, the club wants to bring new students for they could participate with school events and for the opportunity to recruit but the club is not aware of the event until two days before.

Diego Vega is a member of the English Majors and Minors club and is also part of the club senate, “I do not know about the event until tomorrow so I don’t think that our club will participate in,” Vega said.

Jamie Kammerman the Student Activities Advisor, who is planning the event Viking’s Valentine, has the idea of bringing welcome week into something more.

“We want to support Viking love to promote and encourage positive relationships to create a family and a sense of community,” Kammerman said.

ASB is becoming fully immersed in the idea of love and has made their own decorations for this event.

To get more information about this event go to their Instagram page @lbccstudentlife or go to LBCC Nordic Sync account to sign up where students can receive alerts about upcoming events.