Opinion: LBCC should improve promoting important events

By Marissa Lopez

Bulletin board on the LAC campus with minimal ads for school events.

This February, a resourceful workshop called ‘Are You Ready to Quit Smoking’ took place at Long Beach City College and went unattended, LBCC needs to better promote its important campus events.

Apart from some vague posting on the LBCC events calendar containing the date and time of the workshop, there was no other promotion for this event.

Although some students like Matthew Turck, a longtime smoker, rejects the thought of quitting, this workshop is open to anybody at LBCC and could potentially help someone struggling to take the steps to quit on their own, but it won’t be possible without the proper promotion.

Personalized “Smoke-Free Viking” items like wristbands and hand sanitizers were set to be given out yet were not even used since no one attended.

A lot of effort are being put into workshops like this but students seeking help are not going to benefit from this event if it doesn’t even see the light of day.

This program is very beneficial towards students because there are multiple resources being offered for free but it isn’t being completely appreciated because of the lack of promotion.

A way that LBCC can help this workshop gain exposure would be to promote more on social media due to how much of our news travels digitally and the better chance of it reaching a wider audience.

Since placement of promotion matters greatly, the school can also strategically post fliers around campuses.

A good place to put fliers would be near the restrooms or by the smoking areas since those areas are always occupied.   

Other good places for fliers would be around the entrances of buildings that see a high traffic flow of students, such as the entrances to the cafeteria, the library, and Building A, which houses almost all of the student services.

According to Student Activities Advisor at the Office of Student Life, Jamie Kammerman, the best way to promote events is to get in contact with the communications department for assistance so they can do things such as promote your event on the digital board on Carson Street.

By doing this, workshops like ‘Are You Ready To Quit Smoking’ would gain the exposure it deserves.